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This questionnaire is designed to assist Spring High Kennel in placing our quality puppies in their forever homes. Each puppy is an individual and not all puppies need the same type of home or can offer the same type of companionship, so you should know that there are no right or wrong answers here! Please reply carefully and honestly to these questions so that it is clear in your mind just what qualities you are really looking for in a dog, and what you want that dog to do for you. We want happy dogs, and happy owners! Susan Cooney, Breeder
 Please complete the application below
Contact Information
Zip Code: 
E-mail Address: 
Puppy Preference
What is your goal for your rat terrier?
Do you prefer a male or a female?
If your gender choice is not available, would you consider the other?
What size rat terrier are you interested in, by adult weight?
What colors do you prefer?
Prior Rat Terrier History
Have you ever raised or owned a rat terrier?
What is your experience with rat terriers?
What characteristics are you looking for in a rat terrier?
What do you expect the activity level of this breed to be?
Prior Dog History
Have you ever raised a puppy before?
What breed/s?
How long did you have the dog/s?
What happened to the dog/s?
Your Home Environment
What type of home do you live in?
If renting, provide Landlord's name and phone number
Are there any pet restrictions where you live?
How many hours a day will the puppy be kept outside?
Describe your outside accommodations (fenced in yard, courtyard, etc.)
Will anyone be home during the day, or would someone be able to walk the puppy during the day?
How much time each day will your work schedule permit you to spend with your new puppy?
How do you plan to exercise your rat terrier?
Describe your indoor accommodations for a new puppy, and your household training plans.
What other family pets do you have?
Tell who else is in your household, and their ages if under 18.
Puppy Care
Are you aware of appropriate puppy foods?
Do you have an idea of the costs for puppy shots, heartworm and flea/tick control products?
Can you attend puppy training/obedience classes?
Do you plan to spay/neuter, or do you intend to breed this dog?
Do you have any questions for us?

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